In the restaurant business, almost nothing is as important as cleanliness. If your restaurant is dirty, customers won’t return, even if your food is excellent. A messy restaurant poses health risks, including food-borne illness risks and health code violations.

Show off your hard work by presenting patrons with a clean, nice atmosphere and only the smell of delicious food.

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Monthly Maintenance Cleaning

Greenlife Professional Cleaning staff is experienced and highly trained to excellent standards in restaurant cleanliness. We focus on all the details. When you hire us to clean your restaurant, we’ll cover the following:

Dining room/lobby - Sweeping; mopping; dusting; sanitizing tables and other surfaces; washing walls and ceilings; cleaning windows

Bathrooms - Scrubbing and sanitizing all surfaces, including toilets and countertops; sweeping and mopping floors; removing trash; and refilling soaps and paper products

Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

Greenlife takes care of all of the essential elements of a comprehensive floor cleaning program to enhance the quality of the floor’s appearance. Ultimately, this ensures the longevity of your floor through proper care.

✔ General cleaning – entranceways, front of house, back of house, dry rooms, freezer and walk-in units, offices
✔ Maintenance for resilient and non-resilient flooring
✔ Hardwood floor maintenance
✔ Shampooing carpets using various techniques
✔ Interior and exterior window cleaning
✔ Commercial cleaning and disinfecting of lavatories
✔ Green cleaning according to LEED standards
✔ Mopping and sanitation of hard to reach areas
✔ Special event clean-up

With restaurant cleaning services from Greenlife Professional Cleaning, your restaurant can always be healthy, sanitary, and sparkling clean. Contact us today for a free estimate.