At the end of the workday, we want the house to be a place where we feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed. In the midst of a hectic life as well as in the middle of a pandemic with so much negativity around us, we want our houses to be positive and a place that makes us feel happy. 

We don’t want it to just be a house, we want it to be a home.

Let’s be honest for a moment: we’re all so busy. Whether you’re a stay at home mom with piles on piles of laundry, and piles on piles of dishes, with a desire just to sit down and watch your favorite show, OR whether you’re working away from home, and the last thing you want is to spend more time doing something like vacuuming and taking out the trash, many people don’t have the desire or time to clean house. 

We know that you’re busy, and Greenlife Professional Cleaning wants to help you take the load off so that you can spend more time doing what you really want to be doing.

Look around. Your house is a mess. The sink is piled high with dishes, two weeks of laundry is piled up in the pantry, last Tuesday’s taco crumbs are under the table, and all of this has gone unnoticed. 

You have work, school, family, and other time-demanding and energy-draining tasks pulling you away. Yet, it’s easy to feel guilty for not getting simple house chores done.

While these tasks get more daunting and you become overwhelmed, it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Be assured: you are not alone, and in no way is it your fault. Life sometimes pushes these chores aside, and you simply don’t have time to clean the way you feel like you should. This doesn’t mean your house must remain unclean.

For many, cleaning is a dreaded chore. Cleaning has a negative connotation that includes fixing up a dirty and messy area, one that you may not have contributed to in the first place. 

Cleaning is anything from vacuuming to sweeping to scrubbing the bathroom. These tasks can easily become mundane and boring and make you feel gross. Nevertheless, these chores still must be done.

What if you developed a different mindset when it comes to cleaning? What if, instead of looking at cleaning as a time-absorbing task, you set your mind on having a perspective of gratefulness? Cleaning can be a mindful exercise. Rather than being tense and stressed during the cleaning process, you could actually use the activity to relax and reset your mind.

Just like being careful of what you put in your body, you should be careful what you put in your home. Cleaning is essential to keeping your home looking great and smelling pleasant. But you just make sure it is a safe space in which to live. 

That means you must make sure you are using the right ingredients to protect your home and those living in it. It is, therefore, vital you do not fall for greenwashing techniques!

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