Why You Might Need More Cleaning Help During Summer

Why You Might Need More Cleaning Help During Summer

Summertime means a lot of things to a lot of people. For us, it means children experimenting with the kitchen pantry, dirt from playgrounds, and gathering leftovers. Wouldn’t a professional cleaning group be the best thing to relieve the stress of all that fun? 

Let us help you with those cleaning needs.

Benefits of Having Help with Cleaning

1. Time Away from Home

Summer is a time to get away from home. Sometimes, when packing and unpacking for vacations and summer camps, things don’t get put away in the proper place. Trash accidentally left in the bag or pantries, including open food attracting ants, can be bothersome when you come home. 

We can help with that. Cleaning when you get home can be stressful. 

2. More Frequent Gatherings

Whether it’s an outdoor fiesta, a pool party, or a cookout, chances are you’re hosting more than usual during this time of year. With those positive vibes come more dirt, dirty dishes, and ultimately more mess in your home. Even if you use disposable place settings, even the trash can be unmanageable. 

3. Overnight Visitors

We all have that one family member or long-distance friend who is super particular about cleanliness. To make sure your guest who is visiting feels comfortable and you feel no stress, a professional cleaning company can take away that burden. 

A professional cleaning service will see to it that every nook and cranny is covered, and the guest room and every other part of the house are in tip-top shape.

4. Summertime Projects

Summer is a great time to take on projects that may have fallen by the wayside during busier times of the year. Cleaning the gutters, working in the garden, and maintaining your yard can leave messes that spill into your home by way of tracking dirt or grass. 

Indoors, you may find yourself remodeling a room, organizing the kitchen, or redecorating the den. All of these things can generate additional clutter that you may not experience during other seasons. 

5. Allergies

Allergies are a fact of life, especially during the summer.  There are still a ton of flowering plants out there as well. Dust, dirt, mowed grass, baled hay, pet dander, and pollen don’t make for a great combination for those who suffer from hay fever. 

Cleaning your house extensively can get rid of dust and ensure that other allergens aren’t floating around in your home. 

6. Summer Break

 If you are a parent, your children are home more during the summer. With more time at home comes more mess from children. 

Toys are left out, crafts are sporadically placed around the house, and of course, the outside activities that lead to more dirt and grime inside the house. It can be a headache to try and keep up with all of these chores, especially when your work schedule remains unchanged. 

A professional cleaning team can see to it that you get a little bit of a break. After all, the kids are getting a vacation; why shouldn’t you?

There are many circumstances involving children that increase exponentially during the summer months. A professional cleaning team can help alleviate the burden of cleaning to allow you more time with your kids.

Cleaning Checklist for the Summer

Many things in our daily cleaning routines are only completed a few times a year. Some things don’t need weekly or monthly attention. An annual cleaning routine for the summer months may include things you have not considered. 

Some things to make sure are on your list are:

  • Changing air filters
  • Dusting and cleaning fans
  • Deep cleaning window seals and baseboards
  • Sanitizing refrigerators and kitchen appliances
  • Cleaning out drains and garbage disposal
  • Taking preventative measures when dealing with mold and mildew

It is important to consider a routine for each season that will ensure the tidiness of your house throughout the year, especially during the summer.  While it may be hard to ask for help, hiring a professional cleaning company can make all the difference by decluttering your life so that you can get back to what is important. 

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