Why Professional Contractors Need Professional Cleaning Services

Why Professional Contractors Need Professional Cleaning Services

If you have spent any time on a construction site, you know they get messy fast. From offcuts of timber and fragments of tiles to bent nails and drywall dust, debris builds up both inside and around the exterior of construction work. 

Even small single-room renovations can create a sizable amount of trash. The larger the project, the larger the cleanup required.


Why Professional Contractors Need Professional Cleaning Services

Keeping a clean, tidy work environment not only presents a professional team and work ethos when doing walk-throughs of the project. Getting a trusted professional site cleaning service to tidy up your site during and after construction can help your other site workers. 

Benefits to your project include:

  • Increased site safety
  • Time and cost savings
  • Prevents damage to delicate surfaces
  • Thorough and proper waste disposal
  • Professional look

Cleaning is an essential and often overlooked aspect of construction. Clients expect the highest quality work from contractors from the start to finish of a construction project. It is crucial to hire professionals to do every step of a project, and cleaning the site is no exception.

1. Site Safety

Keeping a site cleaned of debris and dust increases the health and safety of everyone working on and moving through the site. The durable clothes and safety gear regular construction workers wear isn’t always up to the task of protecting against rogue nails and does nothing for the amount of hazardous dust that accumulates at certain stages of a build. 

Professional cleaning services come with the knowledge and equipment necessary for all the inherent dangers of moving around and cleaning up construction debris. With specialized personal protective gear like respirators, they can efficiently and safely clear dust that could cause breathing issues in the rest of your crew. 

Some surfaces require harsh chemicals for a final clean. Professional cleaners know how to use them effectively and safely. And there might be eco-friendly options available on the market that a dedicated cleaner knows about and how to use effectively.

Cleaning isn’t just necessary after construction has been completed. Bringing in a cleaner immediately after a construction stage that creates a significant amount of dust or sharp debris can keep the next crew healthy. Reducing downtime with sick or injured crews keeps you on schedule.

2. Save Time and Money

It may seem counterintuitive that hiring and scheduling an entirely new type of crew to work on-site will save time and money, but professional cleaning does deliver savings in both. Cleaning up a site is necessary, so someone has to do it. Relying on your regular crew to do cleanup will result in missed or incorrectly cleaned areas at an even longer time.

Professional cleaners know what needs to be cleaned and the most efficient way to get the job done. You will see sites cleaned more thoroughly and get back to work or the keys handed over quicker with them on the job. Let your expert framers focus on that, not the sawdust in the corner.

3. Damage Prevention

Hiring a professional cleaner throughout and at the end of construction also protects the work your build crews have done from damage. Properly cleaning up debris and nails during construction prevents them from ending up damaging finished drywall, exterior siding, or expensive woodwork. Cleaners know just how to polish granite countertops and shine wood floors without causing damage.

Having to replace or repair finished work because of cleanup damage can wreak havoc on your schedule, budget, and reputation. It is better not to risk having to need a redo.

4. Waste Disposal

It can be tempting to just toss everything in a dumpster and call it a day. But often, certain bits of construction waste cannot simply be thrown into a landfill. 

Professional cleaners are experts on disposal regulations and can navigate cleanup permits and regulations. They can navigate local disposal requirements for trash and recycling, saving you from a fight at the landfill.

Knowing what is not waste is important as well. Having a cleaner specializing in construction ensures that usable offcuts get saved instead of thrown away. Keeping and safely stacking reusable materials can save your business and clients money.

5. A Professional Touch

A dedicated cleaner will reach every nook and cranny of your site and leave it spotless for your client. After all the work you put into the construction quality, don’t let a dirty appearance mar it. Cleaned construction sites can help impress clients on progress walkthroughs and boost final satisfaction.

Greenlife Professional Cleaning

Whether you need a quick clean or a full detailed sweep of a construction site, Greenlife Professional Cleaning has you covered. We provide a floor-to-ceiling service using non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning solutions that will leave any home or business looking like construction never happened.

Local to the Asheville area of western North Carolina, we know time is valuable. Our professionally trained staff use the best cleaners and equipment to get jobs done efficiently. And with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can rest easy knowing you are getting the best clean in the area.

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