How to Save Time While Cleaning

How to Save Time While Cleaning

Life is busy. Life is, in fact, so busy that it’s easy to feel like you have no free time for the things you enjoy anymore. 

Remember when you used to spend your Saturday mornings sleeping in late, and you reserved your Sunday mornings to enjoy a coffee shop and brunch downtown? The weekends used to be a guaranteed break for relaxing and doing the things you enjoy.

Now life has changed, it’s gotten busier, and it’s harder to find the time for those things you once enjoyed. The weekends now seem to be filled with the never-ending laundry and dishes, followed by a dirty bathroom and a lawn that still needs to be mowed. 

These weekly chores seem to swallow the little free time left in the week. Your time is precious, so why not maximize your efficiency and get back to doing the things you love?

Try these simple tips to save time while cleaning and get back to enjoying your weekends! 

Six Ways to Save Time While Cleaning

1) Prepare a to-do list ahead of time

What are your weekly ‘must-do’ chores? Determine your list of the weekly chores. This will differ for each family, and it’ll determine how much time you need to allocate towards completing your list. For example, your family’s ‘must-do’ chores may be dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning bathrooms each week. 

Have an unusually long to-do list this week? Don’t feel pressured to get everything done in one day. Don’t be afraid to say no, and avoid taking on extra work that will get you off task. 

2) Determine when to do your daily chores

Some tasks need to be given regular attention. For some families, the dishes and laundry may be a daily task, while pet owners may need to sweep or vacuum their floors daily. Decide what these chores are for your family. 

After determining when these are, set a firm time to work on them. Maybe you can get more done early in the morning before others are awake, or perhaps you’d rather wait and do them in the afternoon. Regardless of the time of day, it’s completed, you’re still saving yourself from a sink full of dishes and a basket full of dirty laundry to complete on the weekend. 

3) Prioritize your tasks

What is the most pressing thing on your list this weekend? Is it time to finally clean out the garage or deep clean that pesky living room rug? 

Take time and do the hardest, least fun, time-consuming tasks first. Once they’re out of the way, you can enjoy the rest of your weekend! 

4) Declutter your home

Keeping your home decluttered is one of the easiest ways to cut down your cleaning time! A cluttered home automatically looks dirty, even if there’s no dust or dirt. Need ideas on how to declutter?

  • Use the ten-minute basket strategy. Each evening, grab a basket and spend ten minutes picking up the items lying around and putting them back where they belong. 
  • Clean out your closet each season. Doing laundry can be a time-consuming task when you wait too long. Haven’t worn that shirt in six months? It’s probably time to donate it!
  • Keep old toys cleaned out. There are very few things worse than stepping on a building block toy. What’s even worse is stepping on one that your kids haven’t played with in months. 

5) Stay organized

Let’s admit it; it’s not always the easiest to stay organized. If you have a large family, you know this first hand; however, there are many benefits to keeping your home organized. 

The biggest benefit is that staying organized will help you save time while cleaning your home. When all of your items have a predetermined location for storage, it’s easy to locate them in a timely manner. For instance, if it’s time to clean out the garage, but you can’t seem to locate any of your storage bins, it will take longer to finish your intended task. 

6) Hire a professional

If you’re ready to ultimately have the most free time you’ve had in years, hiring a professional cleaning service is a great option for you. A professional cleaning service can give you back the time you’re spending in the afternoons and on the weekends cleaning your home.

With Greenlife Professional Cleaning, you can get back to prioritizing time with your family and friends. Working with a professional will allow you to be more present at the moment without worrying about a dirty house. Time is a precious resource that you can’t buy more of.

Contact us about our residential cleaning services and free estimates to save time and get your weekends back! We have an extensive cleaning regimen that will leave your house satisfyingly clean without using all of your time. 

If you’re looking to save time and ease the burden of cleaning your home contact us today!