How to Easily Clean Your Baseboards

How to Easily Clean Your Baseboards

Baseboards! The chore that typically gets forgotten! How in the world do they get so dirty? Do you even remember when you cleaned them last? Will they be noticed by your guests? Floors and walls are easy to remember to clean, but it's simple to overlook the few inches of baseboard that stand between them.

Dust and filth can rapidly make those small little ledges unappealing. Your home will look unkempt and unloved if you have dirty baseboards, even if you scrub the floors, dust the furniture, and wash the windows. 

Not to worry. Baseboards are simple to clean, and you will only need to scrub them a few times a year to keep them presentable if you keep up with minor weekly or biweekly dusting.

Most of us don't enjoy doing baseboard cleaning or other specialized cleaning tasks, but they can add the ideal finishing touch to your newly cleaned home. In the following article, we will give you step-by-step instructions, tips, and even a fun little secret to help make your baseboard cleaning easy and pain-free! Cleaning your baseboards does not have to be a dreaded task. 

How to Easily Clean Your Baseboards

The easiest way to keep your baseboards neat and tidy is to add them to your weekly or biweekly cleaning list. This cleaning process does not have to be an on-your-knees, back-breaking task. This can be as simple as using the brush attachment on your vacuum or a long-handled Swiffer duster to remove the loose dirt and dust.

Even if you haven’t kept up with a weekly or biweekly dusting of your baseboards, cleaning your baseboards does not have to be a daunting task. Below is a list of steps to make cleaning your baseboards quick and easy.

1. Remove Loose Dirt and Dust from the Baseboards

You have a few options when removing the loose dust and debris that have accumulated along the top of the baseboard and in the small crevices where the baseboard meets the floor. You can use:

  • The brush attachment on your vacuum
  • A soft-bristled broom
  • A long-handled Swiffer duster
  • The Baseboard Buddy
  • A dusting cloth

2. Wash the Baseboards

Once you have removed the loose dirt and debris, you will want to wipe down your baseboards to remove any stains and stuck-on dirt. No need to use strong cleaners or bleach. 

All you need is warm water, dish soap, and a little vinegar. You can make a cleaning solution by mixing a gallon of warm water with a few drops of dish soap and vinegar.


Dip a sponge or soft cloth (microfiber works best) in the soapy vinegar solution and wipe down the baseboards to remove any discoloration and stuck-on dirt. You don’t want too much water on the baseboards because it could ruin the wood, so be sure to wring out the sponge or cloth after you dip it in the water.

3. Elbow Grease

Kitchen baseboards are particularly notorious for collecting food and grease splatters. Baseboards in the mudroom accumulate a lot of dirt as well because your family brings dirt from the outside inside. For removing stubborn stains and scuff marks, a melamine sponge (marketed under the brand name Mr. Clean Magic Eraser) is a suitable option.

4. Nooks and Crannies

Clean the top of the baseboards, and the space between the bottom of the baseboards and the floor using a cotton swab dipped in the cleaning solution. If needed, you can also use a toothbrush to clean in between the grooves in the baseboards.

5. Dry the Baseboards

You will want to dry the baseboards with a clean towel when you are done cleaning, so you aren’t leaving excess water on the baseboards. Too much water on the baseboards could damage the wood.

6. Bonus! The Secret Weapon

Shhh…We have a secret. How would you like to know how to keep your baseboards dust and dirt-free for an even longer period of time? We have a secret weapon you will wish you had known about a long time ago! A dryer sheet! Yes, that is what I said! Rub your baseboards with a dryer sheet to help repel dust and dirt from your baseboards.

Additional Baseboard Cleaning Tips 

When you are cleaning your house, make sure to finish with the baseboards. Dusting furniture and mopping floors will stir up the dust in the space, and some of it will fall onto the baseboards.

If the soap solution or Magic Eraser does not get those stubborn stains and filth off, you can just touch up the baseboards with paint. 

Clean your baseboards one room or section at a time to make your cleaning endeavor manageable. 

To assist you with cleaning your baseboards, enlist family members. Make it a team effort by teaching them how to clean baseboards. Give each member of the family a space or room, provide them with their tools, and turn on some cleaning music. The first one to finish and do their best wins!

Best tip of all… hire professionals to take care of all your cleaning needs.

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