How to Clean Up Broken Glass

How to Clean Up Broken Glass

It doesn’t matter if the sound came from a dropped dinner plate, a knocked-over wine glass, or a tree branch coming through a window. Hearing glass smash is always a cause for concern because even a small bit of broken glass can become a safety hazard for people in proximity.

The first thing you will do is freeze in place, and if children are present, you will call out an alarm for them to freeze as well until you can find where the glass has fallen.

Also, if you hear broken glass before you see broken glass, you don’t know exactly what has broken or how. And if you see it break, you still don’t quite know where all the pieces have landed until you’re able to get down for a closer inspection.

Fortunately, there are many ways to safely clean broken glass, but great care must be utilized to ensure that you do not fall victim to those shards of glass scattered across the floor. And if you are still concerned that glass may be hidden that will come back to haunt you in the future, you can utilize the services of  Greenlife Professional Cleaning in Asheville, NC.

What to Do When There Is Broken Glass on Your Floor

If the glass has broken and has spread over the floor, it is a cleanup that must be done immediately to prevent any injury to people and pets alike. The small, almost invisible pieces of glass can hurt you before you ever know they are there, so it is imperative that you stop whatever you are doing and clean the glass up immediately.

When approaching a pile of broken glass, you can never be too careful to avoid the sharp, dangerous mess. First, make sure everyone near the smashed glass carefully backs away from the area. Make sure children and pets are safely away from the affected areas.

Nine Ideas for Cleaning Up Broken Glass

1. Clear the room of people and pets: 

As quickly as possible, have humans and pets leave the area where the accident happened. The designated cleaner should put on sturdy, closed-toed shoes, eye protection, and thick gloves before starting the clean-up process for the glass.

2. Use the Brightest Light Possible: 

To help you see every glint of glass, turn on as many lights as possible. It is best to use a LED flashlight or the flashlight on your smartphone so you can angle it across surfaces. The glass will glitter in the light.

3. Pick Up the Large Shards: 

Wearing gloves, pick up the large shards of glass. If you don't have gloves, use kitchen tongs to pick up the glass. Never use your bare hands. 

The shards should be placed in a thick paper or triple-layered plastic bag for disposal. You can also use several layers of newspaper to wrap the glass to prevent accidental cuts in the trash can. Do not kneel on the floor to pick up the glass. You could end up with glass in your knee. 

4. Sweep Up or Vacuum Away the Glass: 

If the broken glass is lodged in carpet or upholstery fibers, use a stiff-bristled scrub brush to lift the glass to the surface of the fabric before you attempt to sweep or vacuum it away. Take care not to flick the shards up, or they'll scatter. Use a stiff-bristled broom and dustpan to sweep up as many glass shards as possible.

5. Use Fresh Bread or a Potato to Pick Up Shards: 

Even after sweeping or vacuuming, there will still be tiny shards caught in carpet fibers, flooring joints, or tight corners. Using the flashlight, you'll see them lingering, just waiting for a bare foot or hand. 

One way to get rid of them is with items from the pantry. Wearing gloves, press a slice of soft, fresh bread onto the glass shards. Be sure to dispose of the bread promptly. 

Or, slice a potato in half to expose the interior flesh. Press the cut side of the potato onto the glass shards to pick them up easily. Immediately toss the potato into the garbage.

6. Capture the Tiny Shards with Wet Paper Towels: 

Layer three sheets of paper towels or napkins and fold them into a square. Dampen and press the square onto the glass shards. They will stick to the paper towel for easy disposal.

7. Use a Lint Roller: 

A lint roller designated for pet hair removal has a stronger adhesive and will do the best job at picking up the glass. Peel away the glass-filled sheet and dispose of it properly.

8. Trap Shards with Duct Tape: 

Wearing thick gloves, wrap some duct tape around your hand with the sticky side out. Press the tape on the glass pieces and then carefully toss the tape in the garbage bag.

9. Do a Final Clean-Up: 

Glass shards may cling to the broom or the dustpan. Take them outside and rinse well with a garden hose over a bucket. Dispose of the water down a utility drain. Check the bottom of your shoes for any glass caught in the treads. Remove the glass with duct tape or paper towels to be sure that no glass is tracked through the house.

Now that you have cleaned the glass from the floor and have thoroughly inspected the area to ensure there are no hidden slivers of glass hiding, you can allow people and pets back into the room. But for peace of mind, you should consider having a professional cleaning service to thoroughly clean the room.

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