How Professional Cleaners Clean Their Homes

How Professional Cleaners Clean Their Homes

Western North Carolina is the kind of place that makes you want to spend time outdoors. We are surrounded on every side by the tallest mountains on the East Coast. The rivers and creeks that crisscross through the valleys are perfect for fly fishing, kayaking, floating, and even whitewater rafting. 

There are historic and fun downtowns in Asheville, Hendersonville, Mars Hill, Weaverville, and every other town in the region. We have picturesque parks, miles of greenway trails, and some of the best art galleries in the country. Even when you’re at home, the weather is often perfect for sitting outside and soaking up the mountain. 

There is no shortage of reasons local residents want to spend as much time as possible exploring everything that makes western North Carolina great. However, before you get out-and-about, you have to make sure you take care of your home. 


Sometimes, it feels like cleaning holds you back from doing the things you love. You may feel like cleaning your home is a full-time job. 

Professional home cleaners do indeed clean for a living. They have their cleaning system down to a science and an art. In this article, we are talking about how to clean your house like the pros.

How to Clean Like a Pro

Win the Small Cleaning Victories 

One of the keys to cleaning like professionals is to win the small victories, such as:

  • Making your bed every day
  • Taking out the trash when it gets full, as opposed to cramming it down into the receptacle 
  • Loading and unloading the dishwasher immediate, rather than letting dishes pile in sinks
  • Dust and wipe down surfaces as soon as you see debris
  • Clean out your refrigerator. Do not cling to leftovers long beyond their time.
  • Do not leave clothing on the floors
  • Fold laundry as soon as it comes out of the dryer

Allowing these tasks to accumulate on your to-do list will set back your cleaning schedule. 

Don’t Put Off Cleaning Until Tomorrow

There are many daily and weekly cleaning tasks that we tend to put off as if they are more like deep cleaning tasks. Either that or we wait until we are expecting company before we do them. 

The problem with putting them off is eventually they will pile up on a “tomorrow” on which we have plans. These chores will add stress to our lives. 

Here are a few of the daily or weekly tasks we should not be putting off until tomorrow:

  • Vacuuming is an every-other-day task. Sometimes, it is an everyday chore. 
  • Sweeping and mopping are tasks to be done multiple times each week or as soon as floors become dirty. 
  • Cleaning toilets, sinks, and showers should be done as soon as they are dirty. 
  • Clean messes in the microwave as soon as they occur. 
  • Wiping down the inside and outside of your windows is vital to your regular cleaning. 
  • Dusting surfaces such as televisions, bookshelves, fan blades, etc. 

Deep Cleaning Is Not Just for Spring

How often do you perform deep cleaning tasks? We typically think of deep cleaning as something to do in spring, but by putting off these tasks for seasons or years, we are only making them more difficult. Here are a few of the deep cleaning tasks you should be doing more regularly:

  • Changing HVAC air filters is a monthly task. 
  • Cleaning behind and around appliances is something that should be done more often than annually to deter pests and rodents. 
  • Cleaning and organizing the garage, attic, storage closet, and mudroom is an ongoing project. You will spend much less time on your spring cleaning checklist if you commit to staying organized during the year. 
  • Regularly take stock of the things that you need and want. Get rid of items you do not need or seldom use. 
  • Pay attention to signs of excess moisture and wood rot as you clean more frequently. It does not take long for mold to develop wherever there is moisture. By deep cleaning more often, you may prevent a major repair or remediation project.

Who wants to spend their spring (or autumn) indoors trying to work through a never ending cleaning list? If you can keep up with your deep cleaning throughout the year, you can get out and enjoy the weather in Asheville and western North Carolina. 

Professional Cleaning in Your Home

There is no substitute for professional cleaning. Our home cleaning pros know exactly what they are doing and can make a home look spotless with remarkable efficiency. Not only will the house appear spotless, but we make your home a truly clean and safe environment. 

You don’t want to spend all your free time working on a cleaning list. Whether it is a one-time or occasionally deep cleaning project, or you would benefit from routine cleaning, we are here to help. Contact Greenlife Professional Cleaning for more information about how we can bring our professional cleaning to your own home.