Give the Gift of a Clean Home

Give the Gift of a Clean Home

What do you get for the person who has everything? The person who is the hardest to shop for on your list? How about the gift of time? Of clarity? Or relaxation? Sounds better than another tie they won’t wear or a calendar they won’t use, doesn’t it! This year, give the gift of a clean home. 


It’s not a traditional holiday gift… but hear us out. Treating your sister-in-law, your uncle, your best friend, or the new parent on your list to a deep clean is, perhaps, the best present ever! Why? Because…

1. It Is Guaranteed to Fit.

We have a tip for buying clothing gifts. Don’t do it. Do not. It is all but certain that the shirt, sweater, pants, or skirt will not fit right. Whether it’s too big or too small, you’re going to make the recipient feel a lot of emotions… none of which is gratitude or joy. A good scrubbing, though, not only fits, it looks good on everyone.

2. It Is Also the Gift of Time.

The majority of women (83%) say they spend about 2.6 a day on household chores, and 69% of men say they spend about 2 hours a day doing the same. Imagine if you could give them back a few hours so they could read, nap, indulge in a hot bath, pursue a hobby, meet up with friends, or go to yoga class? This is also the gift of a good mood!

3. They Can Use It Any Time.

If you purchase cleaning service for a loved one, they can choose when to use it. Maybe their schedule is packed and they can’t keep up with chores. Maybe guests are on the way, and they want to make sure the home is spic and span. Maybe they’ve just had a baby, and it’s difficult to clean when sleep-deprived. This is an ideal gift because they can use it how and when they like.

4. They Will Really, Really Love It.

Who doesn’t love a clean house (especially when they got to soak in the tub or go out for a cocktail instead of doing dishes, laundry, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming…)? It just feels better when everything is neat and tidy.

5. You Look Like a Hero - and You Didn’t Even Have to Break a Sweat 

This will go down as the best holiday gift of all time, and you will be known as the best friend/daughter/son/sister/brother/aunt/uncle ever. Offering to clean someone’s house yourself can be a tricky proposition: they may feel uncomfortable accepting because they do not want to impose or they just don’t want you seeing their sinkful of dirty dishes. Having a professional cleaning service eliminates any objections. 

If you want to give a gift that will be used, and truly valued, contact the Greenlife team today. You’re bound to make this holiday season an especially merry one for your recipients!