Four Ways to Love Your Home

Four Ways to Love Your Home

At the end of the workday, we want the house to be a place where we feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed. In the midst of a hectic life as well as in the middle of a pandemic with so much negativity around us, we want our houses to be positive and a place that makes us feel happy. 

We don’t want it to just be a house, we want it to be a home.


Ways to Love Your Home

In a world where we have very little control, our house is the one place over which we have control. You have the ability to be able to arrange it and create, if nothing else, a pleasing aesthetic for you. 

Here is a quick check-list of steps to take to get your house to your liking:

1) Keep it Clean

First and foremost you need a clean home. You don’t want to sit down to then see all the things you should, or at least feel like you should do or clean. That’s not relaxing at all! So the first step at creating a home you love is getting it clean and organized. 

Maybe you need to create a schedule with a regular cleaning routine. Or maybe you really don’t have time for that or don’t know where to start. You can always call a professional cleaning service like ours to tend to those unwanted tasks.

2) Arrange Your Space 

Is your furniture arranged right now to how you want it? Do you want it to feel open and free, or do you want it to feel warm and cozy? Find a way to arrange your furniture in such a way that creates the atmosphere you desire.

Also, consider the convenience of the placement of your furniture. What is important for you to experience as you are relaxing? Maybe you enjoy sunrises or sunsets, which could mean you turn your favorite chair to face towards the window where you can experience it every day. 

Maybe at the end of the day, you want to be able to zone out and binge Netflix. So let’s say that right now your television is in a position where you sit watching television and you have a strong view of your kitchen, which reminds you of dishes and such you need/want to do. 

You could rearrange and position that television against a wall where you’re not distracted by the daunting view of stressful tasks to be done.

3) Decorate Your Spaces

Any decorator would talk about the importance of having “life” in your house, you don’t want a “dead” environment. Maybe it’s time to add some plants and take your chances at being a plant parent. After all, they produce oxygen and can be very beneficial for filtering the air in your house. 

Lighting is also important for decorating your house and creating the ambiance you want. If you want your home to be chill and cozy, warmer lights that aren’t so harsh are the way to go. For an aesthetic that’s more open, sleek, and clean then fluorescents are what you are going to want. 

It may also mean that you just need a lamp. The big lights can be too much, but for a relaxing environment, a warm light lamp is just enough to create the atmosphere you’re looking for.

Consider your wall decor. You could hang up inspiring quotes that are going to boost your mood and keep you going. You could hang up florals or pictures of animals. Anything that’s going to bring you joy is right for your walls.

One thing you may not think makes that much difference but definitely does, is flooring. As easy as it is to clean hardwood floors, it may create a colder atmosphere than you’re wanting. 

If you want a sleek clean look, it is for sure the way to go. However, if you’re looking for that warm cozy atmosphere, adding a rug, particularly one that is machine washable, is a great way to create just that.

4) Consider Your Landscaping

The outside of your home can be just as important as the inside. After all, it is the first part of your house you see when coming home from a long hard day. Essentially, you can consider the same thing for the outside of the house that you can for the inside. Begin by cleaning up your yard. 

Trimming grass and hedges, putting away kid’s toys, and cutting back trees will help establish your home as a place of rest and relaxation. Keeping your landscaping clean and tidy is key to making sure you are not stressed by the number of chores you have to do when you get home from work.

Lighting can be a nice addition to your outdoor spaces. You may consider a light post, solar power mini lights to surround the house or something that lights it up when you come home in the evening. 

Consider perennial flowers that won’t take much upkeep, but will add color to your landscape, and bring you joy as you pass by them and enter your home.

We’re Here to Help!

Greenlife Professional Cleaning is here to help you enjoy and love your home more. As we had mentioned in ways to love your home, we are professional cleaners and can help you in your first steps of the checklist. We will clean your kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and any other room in your house. 

We take careful care to get every section of your home by dusting, sweeping, mopping, cleaning toilets, and even sanitizing countertops and door handles, plus so much more. We go the whole nine yards, leaving nothing behind. We’ll even load your dishwasher or wash your dishes for you!

To see what all is included in our cleaning regimen and to get a free quote on a cleaning for your home, visit our website or contact us today.