Do You Have to Clean Before a Cleaner Comes

Do You Have to Clean Before a Cleaner Comes

You look around your house and realize you need help with cleaning. By the time you work an eight-hour day, fight rush hour traffic, prepare dinner, and eat dinner, you barely have the energy to wash the dishes. There’s no way you can tackle bathrooms, laundry, and vacuuming. 

You are feeling very overwhelmed and decide to look into the possibility of hiring someone to help you keep your house clean. What’s the first step to take to begin this process? You need to decide how much you want the cleaner to do and know what your budget is.

Do you only need light housework like vacuuming, dusting, and bathrooms, or do you want to include windows, blinds, baseboards, and laundry? How much can you afford to pay? How often do you want the service done? These are the important questions you have to answer beforehand. 

After evaluating your cleaning needs, search online, through classified ads, or ask friends and coworkers for names of reputable cleaners. Get three references for each cleaner and schedule interviews or walkthroughs with each of them. Discuss your expectations, their policies, and their pricing. Have them present their quotes, then decide which service you feel comfortable having in your home. 

Then, when you interview prospective cleaners, have a list of questions prepared for them, such as what they are able to do and not do and what they expect of you. This is when you ask the question, “Do I have to clean before the cleaner comes?”

Do You Have to Clean Before a Cleaner Comes?

Once you and the cleaner(s) have agreed to the type of job, cost, and schedule, you need to make preparations for their arrival. The simple answer to this conundrum: In order for them to clean efficiently, you should clear any clutter, including dirty dishes, food scraps, and mail. 

If you have a special place for things or a way you want things stored or displayed, take care of that yourself

One of the most common reasons a room looks messy is because there isn’t a designated space for everything. Hang a shelf by the door with some hooks for jackets and umbrellas, Add a small table with a dish for keys and a decorative box for mail. A well-placed hamper in the bathroom will keep towels off the floor until the laundry is done. 

Other Preparation Tips

1. Your Valuables

If you have fragile items out for display that you don’t want to risk being broken, tell the cleaners about them so they will be extra careful and not risk breaking Great Grandmother Lee’s antique vases or crystal. Or perhaps it would be better if you moved them or just told them they didn’t have to clean around them. 

Many people prefer to lock away any expensive things, such as jewelry or collectibles, just for peace of mind. 

2. Pets

Pets, though adorable, are not really very helpful when people are trying to clean your home. It would be very considerate of you to be sure pets are in their pen or crate so as not to be in the way. 

If they are not used to being confined, they may be a terrible nuisance by barking for hours. Maybe it would be possible for a friend or relative to take them for the time the cleaners are there.

3. Cleaning Etiquette

As in any public service profession, tips are often given to show your appreciation for a job well done. Typically a 20% tip is acceptable. This lets the person know you recognize their skills and will probably recommend them to other people looking for someone in their profession. Sometimes monetary gifts are also given at special times such as Christmas. 

4. Cleaning Tips 

There are going to be some things you will need to clean before the cleaners come (mainly clutter), but the few things you will need to take care of before the cleaners come will be well worth it. Hiring professional cleaners to clean your home will save you time, so you can spend more time doing the things you love!

So the best tip of all: hire professionals to take care of all your cleaning needs! You will not regret it!

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