Do Not Wait Until Spring for Spring Cleaning!

Do Not Wait Until Spring for Spring Cleaning!

Spring hasn’t quite sprung yet - but there is no reason you can’t get a head start on giving your home the ultimate deep clean! In fact, now is the perfect time to knock off many of the chores we all tend to neglect most of the year. This way, you can make the best use of dreary winter days, spruce up your home, and give yourself the chance to fully enjoy the weather once spring finally arrives. 


Get Ready for Spring Cleaning in Asheville! 

Why save a deep clean for spring - with its warm weather, budding trees, and soft sunshine? Start now:

Make Your Windows Shine

When you live in Western North Carolina, maximizing your beautiful views is important! Clear, clean windows certainly help. Arm yourself with newspaper and vinegar for a wonderfully eco-friendly and cost-effective solution. Mix about 2 tablespoons of white vinegar into a gallon of water and pour it into a used or reusable spray bottle. Spritz your window, and clean with the newspapers. Unlike paper towels, they will leave a streak-free surface so you can admire the view.

Now, vinegar does have its own unique scent. But rest assured, it dissipates quite quickly - and because vinegar attacks alkaline odors (i.e. basically anything in your home that could cause a smell, including cooking, trash, and sink odors, etc.), it will actually leave your home smelling much fresher. Some people even use vinegar as an air freshener as it does not leave behind an artificial, chemically smell.

Clean Your Lightbulbs

Yes, you heard that right. We know that “clean light bulbs” never make it on anyone’s to-do list - but there is a good reason to add it to your spring cleaning routine. Dirty bulbs emit 30% less light than clean bulbs. Winter is a great time to do this because…. well, who couldn’t use more light? 

Turn off the electricity to your lights and let the bulbs cool for at least 30 minutes (LEDs do not get that hot, but give them a few). Unscrew each bulb carefully, and then carefully wipe it with a dry, soft kitchen cloth. If you have globes or shades, wash them separately with soapy water. 

Let everything dry before screwing the bulbs back in and putting the globes and shades back on. Then… let the light shine in!

Freshen Up Your Bed

Steaming or vacuuming your bed helps remove stains, sweat, dust mites, and dry skin. Start by sprinkling baking soda (another great natural cleaner) on the mattress. Let this sit for about an hour. Then, vacuum it up with your upholstery attachment and run the steam cleaner over the surface. 

(Many higher-end vacuums have steam cleaner capability and there are standalone units. If you do not have one, you can rent one from a home improvement or box store. While you have it, get your rugs and carpets done!)

Let your mattress dry for two to four hours. During this time, treat your sheets and linens to a good washing. Climbing into bed will feel amazing! You can also flip your mattress each month to keep it fresh all year long.

Declutter… Everything

Clutter is just more stuff that you have to clean; it can also become a source of stress and frustration. Make it your spring resolution to send excess and extraneous items packing. Go through your closets, dressers, junk drawers, mudroom/entryway, and other areas, and donate, recycle, or toss anything that is not useful or enjoyable. 

It can be overwhelming if you attempt to declutter the entire house in one day! Choose a room, a drawer, or a closet to do each day or each weekend. This makes the process much more manageable.

Give Your Carpet the Deep Clean It Needs

Carpet has undergone a great transformation in recent years, and it is less likely to trap allergens and, depending on your selection, stains. Still, think of all the snow, salt, sand, and gunk that have been tracked in over the winter. Even with regular vacuuming, your carpet needs some help.

You can use a steam cleaner, carpet shampooer, or a vacuum with deep cleaning capacity, such as a Dyson Ball Animal 2, Hoover React Powered Reach Plus, or Shark APEX DueClean.

We recommend moving your furniture so you deep clean every last inch! Another pro tip: wipe down your dust canister with baking soda to ensure it is clean before it starts to clean.

Clean Your Tub

You rely on your bathtub and shower to keep you clean. It can only do that if it is clean too! Fill your tub with hot water and add a liter (or about 5 cups) of white vinegar. Let it cool. After you’ve drained the tub, wipe it down with a cloth that’s been soaked in a lemon juice/water mixture. Sparkling clean and ready for you!

Set Up a Cleaning Schedule

When you have a cleaning schedule, you will spend far less time tidying, dusting, and scrubbing when you could be out enjoying spring and summer. Create a list of daily tasks (e.g. dishes, vacuuming if you have pets and/or allergies), weekly jobs (e.g. laundry, washing bedding, dusting), and less frequent chores (e.g. cleaning your fridge coils and dryer vent, wiping down your walls). 

If you have children, assign them tasks that are age-appropriate. Chores teach responsibility, so this is a win-win! You can make it fun, and then go out and reward yourself with a hike, walk, a trip to the park, or… an ice cream cone. Come on, it’s spring!

Call Greenlife Professional Cleaners for Your Springtime Needs

If your schedule is demanding or you have more pressing items on your to-do list, contact Greenlife Professional Cleanings. We specialize in routine cleaning, as well as more intensive, deep cleans. Spring cleaner has never been easier or more convenient!