Cleaning as an Exercise in Gratitude

Cleaning as an Exercise in Gratitude

For many, cleaning is a dreaded chore. Cleaning has a negative connotation that includes fixing up a dirty and messy area, one that you may not have contributed to in the first place. 

Cleaning is anything from vacuuming to sweeping to scrubbing the bathroom. These tasks can easily become mundane and boring and make you feel gross. Nevertheless, these chores still must be done.

What if you developed a different mindset when it comes to cleaning? What if, instead of looking at cleaning as a time-absorbing task, you set your mind on having a perspective of gratefulness? Cleaning can be a mindful exercise. Rather than being tense and stressed during the cleaning process, you could actually use the activity to relax and reset your mind.


Here are a few tips to make the cleaning process less dreadful and more mindful.

Exercising Gratitude While Cleaning

1. Clear your mind while you clean 

When we are doing one task, our minds are often already on the eleven other tasks we need to finish that day. Instead of focusing on your to-do list, when you are cleaning, just clean. This is a time to escape the stresses of work, school, family and do something productive with your hands and body. 

Keep your mind from bouncing around from one chore to another. If you're doing the dishes, focus on the dishes and not the kitchen floor you’re planning to clean next. Hone in on what you’re cleaning, and let that be your moment of bliss.

2. Pay attention to your body language

Often, our bodies are sending messages, even when we don’t realize it. It’s not just others who should get the message, but sometimes your body language can tell you a lot about what you’re feeling. 

While you’re cleaning, pay attention to yourself. Are your muscles tense? Are you clenching your jaw? Are you getting tired easily? Cleaning can be an avenue to reveal how you feel about your day-to-day life. This can help you tell if you are angry, upset, stressed, tired, or happy about your current state.

3. Find the benefit in the results

When you clean or do any task you don’t want to do, it’s so easy to look at the difficulty or the time it’s consuming and how many other things you would rather be doing. It’s hard to see a bigger picture.

If you can figure out how cleaning will benefit you in the long run, or even in the short term, it will help you find a grateful attitude while cleaning. For example, if cleaning the dishes means you have a clean sink when family comes over for the holidays or plates for dinner with your loved ones that night, you have found purpose in your cleaning. 

4. Do something enjoyable while you clean

Chores can be a lot of fun if you decide to make them that way! If you are determined that cleaning will be dull and boring, then you can expect it to be dull and boring. Sometimes, you can spice up your cleaning with something in your headphones.

Do you like listening to your niche podcast? Do you like playing that album on repeat from one of your favorite bands back in high school? Do you like the aroma candles bring to your home? Find something you enjoy that can make the task not only go by quicker, but be fun while you do it.

5. Be thankful for the physical ability to clean

It is easy to forget the physical abilities with which we are blessed. Being able to do menial tasks is a gift. 

So when you’re cleaning and thinking of a billion things you’d rather be doing, take a moment to appreciate the privilege it is to be able to clean.

Professional Cleaning in Your Home

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