Do you have kids and pets running through your house daily? How about those same kids and pets who sneak into the bathroom when you aren’t looking? The weekly cleaning tasks are expected, but the repetitive, nuanced ones you weren’t expecting seem to hit at the worst times.  

It’s always when you have company coming over that you look around your house and see fingerprint smudges and wet dog nose streaks across clean surfaces. Of course, you’ve already cleaned those surfaces three times this week. 

One of the most pesky cleaning tasks as a new or seasoned homeowner is finding a way to clean your glass shower doors. (Keeping them clean is a different story.) Especially when something like the shower is used several times a day, it can feel nearly impossible to keep it clean from streaks and smudges. 

Life is busy. Life is, in fact, so busy that it’s easy to feel like you have no free time for the things you enjoy anymore. 

Remember when you used to spend your Saturday mornings sleeping in late, and you reserved your Sunday mornings to enjoy a coffee shop and brunch downtown? The weekends used to be a guaranteed break for relaxing and doing the things you enjoy.

Now life has changed, it’s gotten busier, and it’s harder to find the time for those things you once enjoyed. The weekends now seem to be filled with the never-ending laundry and dishes, followed by a dirty bathroom and a lawn that still needs to be mowed. 

These weekly chores seem to swallow the little free time left in the week. Your time is precious, so why not maximize your efficiency and get back to doing the things you love?

Selling your house in Asheville? Now is a great time! The housing market is at an all-time high, and occasionally houses in more desirable areas get caught up in bidding wars, leaving more money on the table for you and your family to put towards your next home.

We understand that it can be tough to manage to keep a house clean through multiple showings, especially if you have a family or pets! To make things easier, it may be a good idea to hire a cleaning professional to ensure that you put your best foot forward when listing your house in such a competitive market. 

The last thing anyone wants to do when they get home from a busy day of work or school is clean. It’s not as if the day ends when you leave the office. That only begins a frantic evening of shuttling kids to and from practices and clubs while potentially trying to squeeze in a workout, cook dinner, make sure homework assignments are completed, and pick out outfits for the next day. 

It’s easy to believe if you forgo daily chores a few times during the week, assuming you’ll catch up on the weekend, you may find that the weekend is just as tiring and taxing. Next thing you know, you’re perpetually behind and having to use PTO days just to catch up and make your home passable again. 

An ongoing cleaning deficit can affect you and your family negatively:

  • It can make you feel guilty when you try to do fun things instead of cleaning. 
  • It can lead to stress when you’re at home and outside the home.
  • It can make you feel embarrassed and keep you from having friends and family over. 
  • It can lead to anxiety that affects your mood, physical health, eating, sleeping, etc. 
  • It can lead to family fights. 

The solution could be as simple as hiring the services of a professional cleaning company. If daily chores are the problem, can you afford to bring someone in every day? How often do you really need the pros to help? That’s the question we are answering in this article. 

Summertime means a lot of things to a lot of people. For us, it means children experimenting with the kitchen pantry, dirt from playgrounds, and gathering leftovers. Wouldn’t a professional cleaning group be the best thing to relieve the stress of all that fun? 

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